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We specialize in the prevention and troubleshooting of breastfeeding challenges. We have worked in over ten US states and territories, overseas and consulted with tens of thousands of mothers in the world.

Researched- Based

We keep up with the latest studies in lactation science.


All services are available regardless of insurance.

Personalized care

We assess, assist and initiate a care plan that will be followed up until mother reaches success.


Prenatal consultation

Meet with Dolly to talk about your lactation goals, review the basics of lactation including; how to get ready for baby, importance of skin to skin, first days in the hospital, supply management, and much more. As well as learning the role of partner's and family member's support to the successful establishment of breastfeeding in the first month.


In home Consultation

We visit you in the comfort of your home and provide Maternal, Infant and Breastfeeding Assessments and give you insight in creating the best area in your home for breastfeeding. We will weigh your baby and might evaluate your baby's pre/ post weighed feeding to customize the plan and follow up to help you achieve you full lactation potential.


Telehealth Consultation

Prenatal/ postpartum virtual lactation consultations that can be done from anywhere you are and at the right time for you: at home, place of work, friend's or grandparent's home. It will include a Health and Breastfeeding History, Maternal, Infant, and Breastfeeding Assessments, and specialized Assistance with summary and written follow up plan available to you on the same day.


Breastfeeding Class

The Lactation Class is a fun interactive couples/adult workshop that covers the basics of lactating in the 21st Century. We encourage mothers to bring a plush toy, a baby blanket and the pump for practicing positioning & latch techniques. We learn how to prevent and overcome challenges in the first days. Classes are once a month, usually Wednesday at 6:30pm.


Breastfeeding Support

We offer a free monthly support group with a series of four subjects: (1) Preparing to Breastfeed, (2) Welcoming Baby in the Hospital, (3) Overcoming Challenges and (4) Introduction of Solid Foods, Weaning and More